How do I set up the correct category for my cloudflare app

we have an approved and released app in the Cloudflare platform. How do we set up the correct category/categories for our app

Basically this is what I am trying to do

By tagging your app with specific categories, Cloudflare app store browsers will be able find your app easier. Cloudflare apps allows you select specific categories in which your app is applicable to website owners. These categories include: Add-ons, marketing, eCommerce, design and polish, social media, analytics, communication,for developers, security, humor.

After three days with no reply, you should open a Support Ticket:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

thanks for the recommendation. I have opened a ticket this last Tuesday and didnt get a response

Let’s see if @cloonan can shake things up with Ticket #1696446

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I see it and will make sure it’s in the right queue, really sorry @addous.assim for the delays and unresponsiveness.


@cloonan Just following up :grinning:. Any updates ?

I will ping the team. Thank you & apologies for our slow reply.

Any Updates? Can we get an ETA for resolving this issue?

I got bounced around a few times but have found/pinged the correct person.

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@cloonan @sdayman thanks again. By the way I don’t live far away from you SF office. Can I pay guys a visit one of those days?


Hi @addous.assim, I’d love to have you come by and visit, will reach out.

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@cloonan can you ping Ricky Again for bug

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I did and updated ticket with a note.

Can you/did you/will you email app-developer-help AT Let them know the app and category.