How do I set up my domain with iCloud Mail

Hi there. iCloud sent me instructions to set up my email with my new domain, and I can not figure it out to save my life.

It gives me two MX(s) , one TXT, one SPF and one DKIM.
But when I go to put them in under DNS config, I don’t know how to input it all.

Someone please help.

Can you maybe share the records you were asked to add, and show us a screenshot of what you’re having problems with?

After you click on “Add record”, you select the type and then enter the information you got from iCloud. Repeat that for all the records you got.

The type for SPF and DKIM is also TXT.

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“Host” is what you enter in the “Name” field, and “Value” goes into the “Content” field. For the CNAME record, you need to set the proxy status to DNS-Only.

You can type txt into the type field if you can’t find the record type otherwise.

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