How do I set up additional domain names to my account?

I have set up my main domain, let’s call it maindomain(dot)com, and everything with it is working great!

The problem is, I also have extradomain(dot)com and plusdomain(dot)com that are also on the same server and were using the nameservers ns1 maindomain com and ns2 maindomain com. Now extra and plus are not working and I’m not to sure how to get extra and plus set up on your system. I have tried several ways, but they just keep on failing.

I appreciate any guidance with this issue. I’m sure it’s something insanely simple that I’m overlooking. Thank you for all your help.

In your DNS here for maindomain, you can certainly still have “A” records for ns1 and ns2. Just make sure they’re set to :grey:.

Otherwise, those extra domains will need to have DNS fully hosted elsewhere, or even here using Cloudflare name servers.

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