How Do I Set Up A Vanity URL?

Hi. If I want to set up a vanity URL, like for some of my affiliate links do I use the Page Rules with a permanent redirect?


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This is for domains that are hosted at Cloudflare. I want to redirect to an affiliate link. Its a totally different domain.

Your host domain (the one redirecting) needs to be on Cloudflare. The one you’re going to does not. Read that link to know how to do it.

The domain is a Kajabi site and I do use cloudflare. I want to also add some vanity urls. Is that possible?

Unfortunately, Kajabi won’t let you proxy their services with your own Cloudflare account. This means you can’t add any Page Rules or use any other Cloudflare features that may forward any URLs in that domain.

so I can’t do this at all?

Rumor has it that Kajabi has very recently set up a way to let users :orange: Proxy their domains, which would allow Page Rules to work. I suggest you confirm this with Kajabi, as their own documentation has not been updated to reflect this.

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