How do I set up 301 entries in Cloudflare?

Hi guys

We are currently moving our domain from a .com address to a .vc address. We already have the entries matched up on both sides, but the developer is telling us that we should also do 301 entries for search engines to know it’s a move and to keep their ratings…

How do we do 301 entries in Cloudflare?
Is the 301 done in DNs or on the Registrar?
Do we need a seperate 301 for each DNS entry?

You can create redirects on Cloudflare using Dynamic Redirect rules. If there is no change in the URL path and only the domain changed, you can use create a rule like this.

Thanks albert

I’m assuming we should do that at the DNS provider and not at the Registrar?
Do we need to do that with each DNS entry, both A and C?

Forgive me, not a developer nor DNS expert…

This is done in the Cloudflare dashboard.

You need proxied DNS records on the old domain(s) for the redirects to work.