How do I send traffic from a load balancer listening on port 443 (https) to an origin listening on port 8080 (http)?

We are trying to route a load balancer listening on https only to two instances who each only listen http, not https, on port 8080.

You can specify the port in the health check, but nowhere else unless I am missing something?

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You can set protocol as well as described here.

Hi Xaq,

Thanks for your answer. This is not for the health check, but for all of the remaining traffic (e.g. where the user should be redirected to when they hit the load balancer listening on port 443).

Do you have any idea regarding that?

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You would need to either use Cloudflare workers or Spectrum to change the port to a non-standard one. You could also look at Portzilla in the app store, though I’m not sure it has been tested with load balancing.

Thanks @cs-cf, I appreciate the answer!

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