How do I restore original visitor IP with IIS?

This support page has a link to technical resources:

But the download link for the IIS Module does not work:

Where can the IIS module be downloaded?


This looks to be the same module but can’t guarantee it… It looks to do the same thing if it isn’t, but haven’t tested it.

Ideally you’re running a version of IIS that is Windows 2012 R2 or later and then you can just make the change in IIS directly.

Thank you

In case you’re using CFML on IIS:

<!--- GET THE END USER IP --->
	<cfset session.ipAddress = GetHttpRequestData().headers['CF-Connecting-IP']>
		<cfset session.ipAddress = cgi.remote_addr>

That will set a session variable of the Cloudflare connecting ip. If that is not found, it defaults to the CGI variable remote_addr.

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