How Do I Restore Original Visitor IP Using Xampp

I’m using xampp for apache on a Windows machine and I can’t find any guide on how I can achieve getting mod_cloudflare on xampp, any ideas?

Hi, you could give this a try:

With a few changes:

Instead of using

sudo a2enmod remoteip 

Edit your httpd.conf and remove the “#” from the line that contains:

LoadModule remoteip_module modules/

You would need to restart Apache after this so the module is loaded.

  • The LogFormat change can be made on the httpd.conf instead of apache.conf or apache2.conf
  • You could try creating the remoteip.conf file in the config/extra folder.

Now, be aware that I haven’t tried this, that is just how I would do it.

Edit: I did sort of try it here but with the default website and it isn’t published so it doesn’t really count.

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