How do I resolve the following Workers Code Error:


What is the source of the following Cloudflare Workers Code Error: “Failed to deliver email: SMTPClient is not defined”,

  "outcome": "exception",
  "scriptName": "imap-xxxx-com",
  "diagnosticsChannelEvents": [],
  "exceptions": [
      "name": "TypeError",
      "message": "message.pipeTo is not a function",
      "timestamp": 1699457925817
  "logs": [],
  "eventTimestamp": 1699457925810,
  "event": {
    "rawSize": 27979,
    "rcptTo": "[email protected]",
    "mailFrom": "AGq3uJNyDTtS0WcvYtxsQRA==_1102324222837_rYV3DpwbEe2Nu/[email protected]"
  "id": 2

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