How do I resolve the consequences of the error 1034?


Due to my error domain setting, my website has Error 1034.

The explanation of the official documentation is:

## Error 1034: Edge IP Restricted

### Common cause

Customers who previously pointed their domains to will now encounter 1034 error . This is due to a new edge validation check in Cloudflare’s systems to prevent misconfiguration and/or potential abuse.

### Resolution

Ensure DNS records are pointed to IP addresses you control, and in the case a placeholder IP address is needed for “originless” setups, use the IPv6 reserved address 100:: or the IPv4 reserved address .

When I modified to be correct settings, the website is always not open. The results of the test are:Diagnostic Center | Check SSL and Test Website Security | Cloudflare

Now my website is unable to access, and the domain name setting is normal. How to solve? Ask engineers to help me. :thinking:

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