How do I resolve NXDOMAIN error?

We are getting NXDOMAIN error sometimes, like 2-3 times per hour and our clients are not able to resolve our server ip due to this. We didn’t enable Cloudflare Proxy, just forwarding to server. Is there any way to fix this?

Try this :arrow_down: :grinning:

I followed that. It works perfectly fine for 1000s of users.

This error doesn’t happen frequently. Just 2-3 times per hour. And I want to fix that too.

I guess it might be an issue with your client’s network, since it doesn’t happen very often.
Are there Cloudflare servers in your customer’s country or region?

Oh ok.

Yes, there are many in our country India, where 99% of our customers stay, but we don’t know if this specific client is from India :grimacing:

We implemented retry mechanism, but still there are 2-3 NXDOMAIN errors.

Thanks for suggestions.

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