How do I report Cloudflare server error 500 on someone else's site?

I have been getting Cloudflare Status 500 error pages for over 3 hours.

  • “What happened?: There is an internal server error on Cloudflare’s network.”
  • “What can I do? Please try again in a few minutes.”

That error was

  • Ray ID: 6de6266a58c30cbf • 2022-02-16 10:39:05 UTC

Error repeated several times, including

  • Ray ID: 6de64c47f88c7af6 • 2022-02-16 11:04:56 UTC
  • Ray ID: 6de6675ba9ce3125 • 2022-02-16 11:23:25 UTC
  • Ray ID: 6de6744d6981829e • 2022-02-16 11:32:15 UTC
  • Ray ID: 6de736885d647cd1 • 2022-02-16 13:44:51 UTC

Cloudflare status says everything is good, all systems operational, even in Los Angeles.

This is not my website and I don’t have a paid plan, but still there should be a way for me to report this problem. However, I can’t find a way. Is there a way to report this? It’s the middle of the night, I doubt the site owner will respond to anything in the next few hours, and all they can do anyway is contact Cloudflare. I should be able to do it.

So this is either a request for a new feature or for better documentation, because I can’t find a way to report this. Even if I’m not going to get a response, I’d like to know I can bring it to someone’s attention. Akamai lets me do this for the sites they server, Cloudflare should too.

You cannot get support from Cloudflare for a domain that is not yours.

That company has contact information on their page, and you should report the issue to them.

Maybe the site owner is trying to change some settings

Maybe the site owner is trying to change some settings

No matter what the site owner does, they should not be able to create (or resolve) an error that is “an internal server error on Cloudflare’s network.”

The website owner has support for their customers, which I am not, so I cannot open a ticket with them. And since this is “an internal server error on Cloudflare’s network” I don’t know what the website owner can do about about it except file the exact same report I would like to file.

Akamai lets me do this for the sites they serve, Cloudflare should, too. It would be fine if it were a very limited tool just for reporting Cloudflare branded issues, or if was reliably being detected and escalated to the Cloudflare status page, but since that is obviously not the case, Cloudflare should allow third-party reporting.

I don’t understand what the issue you have . And I request you to wait till the site owner solves the issues

  1. The error message and what to do about it are wrong if this is something the website owner can resolve without Cloudflare technical support.

  2. My issue is that I would like to be proactive about notifying Cloudflare of the problem so they can look into it, but they either do not provide or have hidden such an option.

  3. This has been going on for 12 hours now.

Going on for over 2 days now with no response from Cloudflare.

You can submit a support ticket to the site owners via their Zendesk portal:

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