How do I report Abusive Site hosted by cloudflare

There are some porn sites hosted by cloudflare which make it impossible to take down content which may be revenge porn, child porn and infringing.

They are not following rules of The Digital Millennium Copyright Act ( DMCA )1998.
Where it should be possible to report abusive content.

They have provided fake Support and fake email addresses which can never be reached.
This is very Illegal and irresponsible.

I tracked these sites and found they are hosted by

I did fill out form and i got email about Abuse report confirmation but nothing after that.

I myself is a victim of these sites and I need your help.
What can I do ?

Hi @chandiorauf8,

Filling in the abuse form is the correct means, I’m afraid the community can’t help with these issues.

You can of course go to your local law enforcement for illegal websites as well.