How do I remove the settings icon on the video player

I am a new CloudFlare streaming customer and need help customizing the default video player. Specifically, I’d like to remove the settings icon. It gives viewers five options in the dropdown menu, four of which I don’t want them to have:

  • Report playback issue (okay to retain)
  • Copy video ID
  • Copy playback ID
  • Copy ID and report abuse.
    The last four all allow my viewers to get my video ID, which I don’t care for them to have. How can I delete this settings icon or change the options?

I don’t know how customizable the dropdown menu is, but it’s quite easy to get the Video ID even without those menu options.

Understood. It’s just that my viewers don’t need all those options. It just distracts them from the video. Our titles are educational in nature and accessed by healthcare professionals for a fee. I’ve learned the simpler the player the better. One of the things that sold me on CF was that they marketed the player as being customizable, but I’m seeing very little in that regard. Hoping others can shed some light here. Thanks, sdayman!

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