How do I remove a domain that I signed up through Siteground

I can no longer access the siteground account i setup years ago and there are several domains in it shown as “active” in my account that clearly are not anymore. I would like to remove them and reset them to use Cloudflare - how do i remove them or edit them to the new DNS please?

Cancel that i found the “remove from Cloudflare” button !

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Also make sure that you change the nameservers away from the Cloudflare ones wherever your domain is registered (the registrar). If the nameservers stay on CF someone else could add it to CF after a few weeks and put anything on it - better to make the DNS the default DNS of your registrar or of another provider.

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OK thanks that is a little scary.
I dont fully understand what you are saying to be honest, the DNS is copied to CF and then i have changed the NS on my registrar to the CF ones, it all took a couple of minutes and is working fine, i did about 15 of my 90 sites.
What could go wrong with this then please?

If you’re trying to move away from CF, your domains shouldn’t keep the CF nameservers.

But if you’re just trying to not be part of sitegroud’s “CF partner setup”, but still using CF, what you’re doing is good. Thought you were trying to not use CF.

Ah ok thanks, no i used Siteground a year or so back for a few sites that were old and regularly hacked until i could update them to keep them off my server!
Now i want to use CF to ease some DDOS issues i have been having and found the old domains in my account so just needed to get rid and set them up again.
Thanks for taking the time to assist, very much appreciated.

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