How do i remove a 301 redirect?

I am having a problem because i remove a page rulewhich does a permanent redirect but it still redirects me.
My domain is
and I made it forward me to (I changed it to
I disabled the page rule (Also it was 301 so Permenant) then i removed it still wasnt working
and its still redirecting to

Please help.

If you need any screenshots please ask me

That will be locally cached in your browser, as 301s are supposed to be.

It currently does not redirect.


? I also refrashed the cache it doesnt work just refreshed it

As I mentioned, there is no redirect, so that’ll be a local issue. Try another browser maybe.

Ill try edge Im using opera

As long as you haven’t loaded your page there before, otherwise it will certainly be cached as well. You can also try a different browser profile or a different machine.

As mentioned, there is no redirect at the moment, only the JavaScript challenge, but that’s not a redirect.

301s are generally not a good idea if you only want a temporary redirect.

Ik just i choose the wrong one by accident

No worries, but now your browser(s) have that locally stored and clearing the cache typically fixes that. Cloudflare itself does not send the redirect any more.

Thanks I tried on a different computer, It worked. Ill reinstall opera and see will that fix it

Just a personal recommendation. I’d highly recommend Firefox, gives you a lot more control.

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Oh i have windows and linux at the side so i can use opera and firefox

Like 2 computers next to each other

That’s great, certainly gives you some flexibility. On Firefox you could also start a fresh browser profile.

Oh thanks for teaching me 2 new things today

Re-installing Opera did the trick

Also if i made a temporary redirect and disabled it would it not redirect? Am I correct?

Even a permanent redirect will not redirect when disabled. The difference between 301 and 302 really is mostly the caching part. But yeah, if it is disabled it won’t redirect and it currently does not redirect either.

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