How do i reinstate mistakenly deleted

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I deleted domain by accident

Strategiesinlanguagelearning dot com

Have you searched for an answer?. Yes

Tried to create again…as per instructions in community
. No go…… asking me to pay etc

Thank you

What happened when you attempted to add the domain again? Can you share a screenshot?

It sent me to a pge where I had to set it up from scratch.

I stopped immediately… the attached is the result

thank you

To need to proceed. Click the domain and complete the setup. There is a free plan available.

So will I have to set it all up from scratch or will it be recognised?

If you did not make a backup of your zone data, the records that you deleted will need to be recreated. Once you finish, you may want to save s backup.

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Yep … just wanted to confirm

Though the email they sent me certainly indicates otherwise

……as deleted by Andrew Weiler on 2023-10-17T21:33:30.173118Z.

If the zone was deleted by mistake, it can be re-added to reinstate existing configuration of the zone. To learn more, read……”

Thank you

Depending on the time frame and also whether or not is added back into the same account, it might still have data. If it moves to another account, it definitely will not have any of the old data available.

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