How do I register or transfer domains?

I’m new to Cloudflare, and my goal here is to move all of my domains and their DNS configuration out of Google Domains. I moved an unused domain successfully to cloudflare; but it seems Google is still controlling it, and will auto-renew it next. How do I fully transfer this domain to Cloudflare so that I can purchase renewal in Cloudflare without depending in Google?

Likewise, how do I register new domains in Cloudflare?

I thought Cloudflare domains is an alternative product to Google Domains. Or is this not accurate? If not, what are some good alternatives to Google Domains?


@domjh indicated here it requires Beta access; may I have one? Really itching to ditch Google. :smiley:

If available, you can click ‘manage domain’ on the domain’s overview and a transfer button will appear:

This is only available to certain TLDs at this time: TLD Policies

Beta seems to have been given out randomly, not to specific people. If I had to guess, registration would become public on Birthday Week (April 1-7), but that’s just speculation.

Alas, not on my account. I have a domain expiring within a month so it’d be great to get access before that.

This is because .app is not supported on Cloudflare. Only new registrations are behind a beta; registering other TLDs requires CF to sign contracts with registries, which has only happened once after the registrar’s release with .io.

Oh. Are .page and .ca domains supported?

TLD Policies no


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