How do I redirect my domain to clickfunnels?

How do I redirect my domain to clickfunnels ?
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Hi @Dan3030,

Page rule is a easy way to setup 3XX redirect from your domain to any other destination.

I am not sure what is your domain and click-funnels URLs so I’d like to share few examples and detailed tutorial that might help achieving your goal.

For example: Redirect from to

To set this redirect

  • Login to Cloudflare
  • Select your account > domain
  • Go to Page Rule
  • Add a rule



Status code: 302 (Once tested, you can keep 301)

Another example, suppose you wish to redirect your whole domain to a new location

You can have a rule like

From **

If you want to match previous permalink, you can make use of wildcard into same

From **

For more details, check out this article.

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