How do i reach a supervisor, i need my domain transferred away from cloudflare?

I recently transferred my 2 domains from namecheap to cloudflare and i paid
I asked support how to point my .com to my .org and the rep said he didnt understand, the next rep told me to contact community support

I recently hosted my website on a new webhost and need my domain pointed to them, i asked support and again they dont understand and refuse to help

It has been nothing but a hassle since i used cloudlfare as a domain registrar and i do not want to use them anymore, when i tried to leave it says my domain is locked

Either i get some annoying email bot or a human that wont help when i email them

As a paying customer i should not be told to ask community support, when i was with namecheap they had live human instant chat

My website is not working because of the lack of help cloudflare is providing

what is your domain name? @user12363

That’s unfortunate they didn’t have a solution for you. To do what I think you’re trying, give this a look:

As for transferring your domain away, there’s a mandatory 60-day hold after a transfer. This is standard with every registrar I’ve used. After 60 days, you’ll be able to unlock your domain and transfer it to another registrar.

I was able to get that done, thanks

How do i point the org to my new webhost?

I sent this in the email to Cloudflare support and they still refused to assist:
How do i point my domain to my new host? This is the message i got from them
Nameserver Details

If you registered a new domain with us, you can skip this step. If you are administering your domain elsewhere or have opted for a domain transfer, be sure to update your domain at your registrar to use our redundant nameservers: ( (

Within 24 hours of applying these nameservers, your domain will begin serving from your new account.

Both sites are active, for the .org site you need to edit the A record to point to the ip address of your new webhost. The redirect works and a site loads, assuming you were able to do that redirect step?

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