How do i point www to the correct paths with cloudflare

Look here: intoDNS: - check DNS server and mail server health
Hello, on my website if you go to my website cloudflare works,
if you go to it works fine, it seems to run perfect over https. But I have https rewrites on in cloudflare and all DNS settings are correct.

Furthermore if you was to go to: and complete the JS challege it does not go to the correct page and instead my website tells me that the page doesn’t exist and it doesn’t, instead it shows the url below.
See screenshot here: Screenshot - 74e891a90ca7eadd1ff2a3d647befd49 - Gyazo

What page rule can I set up that if someone types it will go to instead.
I need this for all directories on my site such as /files, /terms, and so on v

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