How do I point www to a static home.html page

I use Cloudflare to provide DNS services for my Mastodon server.

In order for Mastodon to verify my admin account, I need to place a static home.html page at www.

I am new to Cloudflare and web services. I have tried to upload home.html in the pages section at Cloudflare but I cannot get it to work. Can someone outline the steps for me?


Set www record in DNS manager.

Thank you. Can I host my html file on Cloudflare (if so, how because I couldn’t figure that out), or do I need to use a different service for that?

Cloudflare isn’t a host here.

You need a hosting provider instead.

Except if this is, then, you may use Cloudflare pages where you’ll be able to deploy static pages or using framework. For more, read this:

Thank you. I have managed to upload a test index.html file via drag and drop and the domain generated by Cloudflare works from a browser and shows my index.html file.

The last step, I can’t figure out, is what DNS records I need to add so that www . MYDOMAIN . com redirects to this generated page and therefore serves up my index.html file. I tried A (using the ip address ping gives me) and CNAME (using records but this didn’t work.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Ah, I figured it out. I had to set up custom domain for the pages project. Many thanks.