How do I point my main domain to an IP:PORT?

The title says it all, I cannot seem to find a way to point my main domain to an IP with a port.
Any help would be appreciated!

You can’t, not with DNS. You always need to specify the port. At best you could use an SRV record, but your client software needs to support that.

What’s the full hostname and which port do you want to use? Also, if you want to proxy you need to make sure the port is supported by Cloudflare.

The search has more on all of that.

What do you mean by the full hostname? I am quite new to all of this stuff so sorry if I sound stupid

The hostname that you want to use. What is the domain?

You simply need to post all the details.

And again, I highly recommend to use the search too as these topics have been covered already anyhow.


I have read about it and I saw about portzilla but i dont get how it works

That port is not supported by Cloudflare. You could use Portzilla to map to it, however the client would still need to connect to one of the supported ports.

Also, what is running on that port? Just an HTTP server?

Yes just a normal HTTP server. I can’t use port 80 as I have something else running on it

Then change it to 8080. Also, don’t you want to use HTTPS?

I do have HTTPS i think

No, that port is HTTP.

Oh. Also, how would I have cloudflare point to that port just for the main domain, as i have a subdomain that points to the same ip?

You should do the following

  • Configure that 61121 to run on 8443.
  • Configure a proper and valid certificate on that port.

Then you can probably use Portzilla to redirect incoming requests on 443 to that port.

Okay thanks, how would I use portzilla though? Sorry if this is too much of a bother for you will have all the details.

okay, thank you so much for your help!

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