How do I point my Email Server to another email Server?

How do I point my Email Server to another email Server? I have edited the DNS page on the Cloudflare site but it is still not picking up. It is over 48 hours now.
It is showing the Following IP address
which is a CloudFlare IP address.
I want to use the Cloudflare only for the Website but the Email server must go to a different server whose IP address is hosted on our server. How do I do this?
Can anyone help me with this?

It sounds like you’ve set it to :orange:. It needs to be :grey: in order to allow mail connections.

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You mean to remove the complete Mail Server IP address from the CloudFlare? Just change to the CPanel?

Click on the :orange: in the Cloudflare DNS record for the mail server so it’s :grey: instead.

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I did that and that’s where I see the DNS Records and I change there the Mail Server IP address to about 3 days ago.

It is under the Following subtitle"
DNS management for

Is it the place are you referring to?

But I changed all Email MX Records there to the IP Address

Can you post a picture if the DNS records screen? It’s ok to black out IP addresses.

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Please down load into your local machine. I’ll delete these images after you read it.
Thank you so much for your help!

Go ahead and delete them. I see MX points to, but the ‘mail’ DNS entry, which isn’t in any of the pictures you posted, is set to Proxied (yours shows checkmarks instead of :orange:/:grey:.

The ‘mail’ hostname should be set to :grey:. Wait five minutes for DNS to propagate. Then it will show the proper IP address in a lookup.

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How do I point this to :grey: symbol becuase I don’t see that symbol anywhere in my portal

Sorry, I’m in the habit of referring to :orange:/:grey:. ‘mail’ should not have a checkmark (not be proxied).

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Hello sdayman,
It is working since yesterday. Thank you so much!
I followed your instruction and removed the Check Mark from the MX Record on the Cloudflare, and I had to wait about 5 min then I see it is working.
I am sorry that I could not get back to you right away yesterday because I am still a Free subscriber; therefore, they allow only a certain number of messages per day. I am so sorry, and I did not mean to be rude to you yesterday, I hope you understand.
Again I am so sorry!
And thank you for your assistance, that means a lot to me!
Be safe! Stay away 6 feet away from anyone else!

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You’re very welcome. I did not think you were rude at all. I’m glad it’s working now.

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