How do I point my Clousdflare registered domain to my external webhost?

I’ve recently moved a domain to Cloudflare Registrar. The domain used to be registered and hosted through asmallorange with the nameservers pointing to Cloudflare nameservers, and now it is registered at Cloudflare still pointing at Cloudflare nameservers. How do I point/link the domain which is now registered through Cloudflare to my asmallorange hosting account? Do I need to anything in that regard? Thanks

When onboarding Cloudflare scans a domain for the most common DNS records. If there are no records set in the ‘DNS’ section, there’s a nice tutorial. See the link below.

You need to ask your host provider foir IP addresses or hostnames to set. This information may also be available in your hosting account or confirmation email.

If all records are set there’s nothing more to do to get it working. Only optimizing :slight_smile:

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great… shall do. thank you

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