How do I open a topic

Hello, I know it’s not the right place for it, but I can’t seem to create new topics. How am I supposed to ask what I need in a community and get involved with it if I can’t make a simple post?


You probably just need to browse and read a bit, search for your issue and do a bit of research and then if you can’t find an answer you should be able to create a topic by that point. It’s a fairly standard thing on a lot of forums to help prevent spam and also encourage people to read existing topics before opening a new one.


Thank you @domjh that was spot on. I have adjusted your permissions a bit and you should be good to go @AmodeusR


I asked that because I registered here just to see if I could get help to solve a problem, but thanks for the comprehension and help, I’ll try my best to collaborate to the community :smiley: