How do I obtain my CSR to provide to Also fixing Universal SSL not validating

Im trying to add a CSR into so it can activate the SSL certificate but im not sure where to obtain my CSR. Ive tried Origin sever as the internet advised but I get an error of CSR Validation Errors: The CSR you have submitted is either formatted incorrectly or not a valid CSR, please contact your host to provide a text copy of your CSR.

A Certificate Signing Request is something that you need to create yourself. You should not under any circumstances try to obtain it from somewhere else.

Have a look here: Manually Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Using OpenSSL -

Generally, there are easier and more reliable ways to obtain a valid (and free) certificate in most cases. What exactly do you need a certificate for?

If it is for a Cloudflare-proxied website, you can use an Origin Certificate: Origin CA certificates · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs

If you don’t use Cloudflare’s proxy, many hosting panels like cPanel come with LetsEncrypt integration to easily obtain certificates, or you could use certbot if you have root access to your server.

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Im currently using Register. com for my domain and also purchased SSL certificate service from them, but to activate the SSL it wants me to provide CSR, which is why im curious how id obtain one. Ill add in what it states.

Provide CSR
A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is a body of text containing encoded information specific to your domain name or organization. You can get your CSR from your Web hosting provider and then paste it into the box below. If you do not know your Web host server software, please contact your hosting provider, or select ‘other’ from the drop-down list.

I assume cloudflare is my Web hosting provider and so, im curious how id obtain one from cloudflare as i’ve already tried to create one from cloudflare ( origin certificate ). Whenever I do i get the error The CSR you have submitted is either formatted incorrectly or not a valid CSR, please contact your host to provide a text copy of your CSR. Should I rather use Cpanel instead to obtain the CSR?

Just to note the edge certificate has been pending for over a week and i’ve tried disabling it than re-activiating but doesn’t seem to become active. Not sure if its something in my DNS that needs to be added or changed that affects the edge certificate.

Well, that is possible but rather unlikely.

I already answered that in my previous post, there is a link to a tutorial. You cannot (or rather, should not) obtain one from somewhere else. You need to create a CSR yourself, for example with the software OpenSSL (as explained in the tutorial) or with cPanel.

An Origin Certificate is already a signed certificate, not a certificate signing request. It is a free SSL certificate that is valid for up to 15 years. The downside is that it only works for websites that are proxied by Cloudflare and cannot be used for other things (like email).

If you have cPanel, you can probably use the LetsEncrypt plugin instead to receive a free certificate automatically. If the Cloudflare proxy is active for your domain, it requires a bit of configuration here in Cloudflare, but that is more reliable than having to manually renew your certificate periodically.

That is a completely different issue and has nothing to do with your CSR problem. If you share your domain, we can take a look and see what the problem is.

Very likely.


Thanks again about informing me about needing to actually create my own CSR as I was previously told that this is something I needed to get from my hosting site.

My Domain name is serenitymoversreferrals . com This has been an issue from the start, some reason the Universal SSL hasn’t validated for over a week now.

Your domain’s DNSSEC configuration is invalid, that is why you cannot obtain an Edge Certificate.

You either need to disable DNSSEC at your registrar, or update it with the DNSSEC values provided by Cloudflare.


Thank you so much! The Universal SSL on Cloudflare is now active, I really appreciate for all the time you took to help me to obtain the CSR as well as fixing the universal SSL. Your a legend.

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