How do I move my website from an existing web host to a new web host location?

Currently, I have some Cloudflare-covered websites that are located with different web hosts. I want to move some of those websites from where they are currently hosted to a different web host. How do I do that with Cloudflare? The domain host obviously points the DNS for each website to Cloudflare so I assume that Cloudflare needs to know where to find the new location for the websites at the new hosting account. If I do not need to do anything, that would be nice to know as well.

Get set up at the new host, and once the site is ready there, switch your DNS settings to point to the new host. If you wait to make the change until the new hosting is ready, it should be a clean cutover without downtime.

The new host will provide you with an IP address to point to. When ready, go into the Cloudflare dashboard and change the DNS setting to point to that address.


Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I think with your last sentence that you are telling me what I need to do. My problem is that you are telling me to go into the Cloudflare dashboard and make changes to the DNS settings there to the DNS settings provided to me by the new web host. I go into what I believe to be my Cloudflare dashboard for the first of the websites in question, but I have not found as yet where the DNS settings that need to be changed are located.

Clicking the “Advanced” button does bring up an area where is shown a place to drag files to import DNS records. Would that be where I would drop my new DNS records? If so, there would be two DNS records and I would need to know the format (would I copy the two records needed at the same time with a comma between them or what?). As far as seeing actual DNS records that need changing and changing those, I am not able to find them.

Can you help me with this?


Thomas Chapo Sr.

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You should have, on that page, a list of existing DNS entries for the domain. This will probably include a record for the root domain name pointing to an IP address, and an entry for www either pointing to the same IP address or to the root domain. You would need to edit those entries to point to the address from the new hosting company.

Can you post a screenshot of your DNS settings page?

To get a screenshot that you could read very easily, I broke the shot into 5 parts. I am not sure where you wanted to look and what you wanted to see. I do not see anywhere to change out typical DNS settings.

Please let me know if I am off-base.

Thanks for your continued support.


At the top of your list of DNS entries there is a list of A records followed by two CNAME records. Those are the addresses pointing at your current hosting. Looks like each of them is pointing to a different site.

So, as you move each of them, those entries need to be changed from the IP address they currently point to, so they will point to the new address of your new hosting. So if you move your “roofing” site, edit that record and change the IP address to your new hosting. You can do this separately for each subdomain site, and for the main page as well.

Thanks once more for your help.

Please overlook my lack of knowledge on how all of this works and ties together.

Are you saying that what needs to be changed are the numbers associated with the A records that are shown under the column labeled ‘Content’? For my current website location, that number is

The subdomains seem to be listed as part of the A records as well as the main domain and they all are listed with the number.

Obviously, that number will change when the website and the subdomains all move to the new web hosting site. The new hosting site for the subdomains will wind up being the same as that for the main website.

I notice that the subdomain roofing is sort of listed twice. Once as roofing and once as www.roofing. Do you see any reason that would stop me from deleting the www.roofing subdomain reference?

For what it is worth, socialmedia is another subdomain for the main domain,

I think it all boils down to having the A records numbers in the ‘Content’ column matching with the numbers for where they are being hosted.

If you think that I am missing anything, please feel free to correct me. I think I am learning a lot from this exercise. Previously, I have always had a website hosting site taking care of making the move for me. Now it is my turn to learn how to take care of my own hosting.

I do appreciate all the knowledge you have shared.


Yes, all of those records need the IP address changed to the new one. They can go one at a time if you want. Assuming you got another IP address from the new hosting, just change each of them to that new address.

Go ahead and delete www.roofing. Going two-deep with names won’t work with Cloudflare’s SSL certificate, and besides, the whole “www” thing needs to die in a fire. :joy:

Thank you. Thank you.


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