How do I mask my domain It exposed my IP as of right now

How do I mask my domain (I do not own the domain, the Synology company allows to add and use it). Currently, my domain exposes my IP, so how do I mask it?

This is what their support said when I tried solve it with them

"Thank you for reaching out to Synology Support. My name is Evan, I am here to assist in resolving this issue as quickly as possible. I’m requesting your patience by allowing me a minimum of 2 hours for any responses. Messages received after 1 PM EST may be addressed on the following business day.

I understand that you are reaching out to know how you could possible mask the public IP address that you Synology DDNS hostname resolves to. You specifically asked about Cloudflare’s solution and how you could start using it with your Synology DDNS service.

Your request is outside of the scope of Synology’s support services. At this time, there isn’t a supported method to provide a proxy in front of the Synology DDNS. This will require a 3rd party service like Cloudflare’s reverse proxy.

I recommend you reach out to Cloudflare’s support or review their documentation in order to find out the best way to use their proxy services. If you have any specific questions about your Synology DDNS configuration, I would be happy to answer them. "

Hi @ravage_conform949,

Since you don’t have control over the domain, unfortunately, you cannot manage the DNS records, which would be necessary to hide your real IP.

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