How do i manage my domain register with cloudflare


As my domain was banned to use CF CDN and DNS, how do I manage the domain eg. changing the DNS setting or transfer out as it wasn’t allow me to add the site in my account?


Are you saying your domain is registered with Cloudflare (as registrar) but Cloudflare stopped providing DNS and proxy services for it?


Yes that’s correct…

And I wasn’t aware that I cannot delete the site from my account otherwise I would lost all the control.

So after I delete it from my account, I wasn’t be able to change the DNS or transfer out of cloudflare.


Thats a peculiar situation and should not happen IMHO (especially the DNS part).

I am afraid only Cloudflare can help you there. Assuming you have transferred your domain less than 60 days ago I guess they wont be able to let you transfer it out yet, but at least DNS should be re-activated again, the proxy might be another story.

Calling @cloonan @ryan @SamRhea as well.


Thanks for your kind reply.

I have also sent a email to the support email as I’m unable to open a ticket with the domain .


Post the ticket number here too.


Ticket number #1644613