How do i make cloudflare cache my website before visitors come in?

Hey, I am on the pro plan with argo, however, I am just starting to go live with my website, so I don’t have visitors from each region, so most of the viewers will connect to my origin server for their first visit.

How do i make Cloudflare cache my website before the visitors come in?

I know that i can run speedtest for each page using gtmetrix from different regions but thats a lot of hassle.

Thank you so much!

Since Cloudflare ist a pull chache, content will only bei cached in edges with frequent access. Some kind of warm Up doesn’t make that much sense because cached will be deleted if they are not frequently accessed.

I noticed that i have to reload three or four times to get a HIT on content. You might also want to have a look at ‘Cache Everything’

I am already having the cache everything page rule, does that mean i did something wrong that it takes you four times? I have reseted my Cloudflare cache about an hour ago, maybe thats why?

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