How do I log out of a Cloudflare account that I logged into via cPanel


I have looked everywhere and can’t find how to do this. I logged into my main Cloudflare account via cPanel in order to connect one of my accounts but realised they have their own Cloudflare account so I now need to log out and log in using their Cloudflare login details but can’t see to log out please can someone tell me how to do this. Below is what I am seeing there is no option to log out anywhere.


James Isles

I don’t use a cPanel setup, but you might have to find a way to delete the cookie from your browser’s Privacy settings.

That didn’t work I’m afraid but worth a try thank you.

Does anyone else know how I can do this?

Hi @jim14,

Assuming you don’t run the cPanel instance, I suspect that the web host who does with that integration could clear that account out and let you sign in with another one, maybe…

Thanks for your answer. It’s my own dedicated server so I’ve got full control. I’m not sure how I can clear the account that’s the issue there is no logout button or any way to go back.

I could remove the Cloudflare account and set it up again but it’s not in the account I am logged into so it wouldn’t make any difference.

I see, no idea if this world work, but if you log in to the Cloudflare dash, so you see the domain listed? If you remove it from there perhaps it will break the link.

I have seen suggestions previously about uninstalling and reinstalling the Cloudflare plugin on cPanel, but I feel there should be a better way.

If not, I would recommend contacting support unless anyone else here has an idea.

I did try that at first but the domain didn’t appear in the account I logged into. Will submit a support ticket if I don’t get a fix thank you.

OK, sorry I couldn’t be if more help! If you get a reply from support and manage to resolve it, would you mind letting us know the outcome here to help others who may be in a similar position?


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