How do I lock my domain from being transferred away from CloudFlare?

I’ve transferred my domains to Cloudflare but I don’t see any way to ‘lock’ them from a unauthorized transfer. Is there such a feature? If not, can this be added please?


I don’t see an option to change this, but I do know it’s locked:
Domain Status: clienttransferprohibited EPP Status Codes | What Do They Mean, and Why Should I Know? - ICANN

There’s probably not a Feature…yet…because the registrar isn’t 60 days old yet, when recent transfers can be transferred again. As with many Registrar features, I bet this is another one that’s not going to be visible until the 60 day mark.


Thanks! I suspect you are correct regarding the 60 day period.

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Looks like it still isn’t possible to manage the lock status of your domain. definitely past 60 days.