How do I link my Cloudflare Domain to my Carrd website

I feel really dumb for asking this but here we go. I have a domain name that I transferred to Cloudflare. I am trying to get it to point to a website I made on

I tried to follow the directions on the Carrd site. I don’t know what I am supposed to do in the DNS records of Cloudflare. Am I supposed to add or delete anything? I seriously need a step by step guide here.

Can you describe the steps you’ve taken?

Can you share a link to those directions?

When you add a site to cloudflare, we scan for your existing records. Depending upon how successful we are, you may not need to do anything, but that is never a guarantee, you may need to adjust records and/or add them to support email.

Let’s start there, can you share the name of that domain?

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Hey, I ended up figuring out what I was doing wrong. I had to add the actual records that Carrd mentioned to the DNS records, but I had to keep the proxy turned off until Carrd connected the domain. Once I did that, the domain was able to initialize on Carrd, and now the site works. I am just so new to this stuff that I had no clue what I was doing.

The domain was transferred from Homestead about a month ago.


Thank you for sharing the answer, really appreciate it. Let us know if other questions come up along the way.

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