How do I limit the website traffic from specific countries visitors?

Hi, is there way to limit website traffic from specific countries visitors?
or Max load average limit for pages generation?
not block just limit

You could make a Custom Rule to challenge specific countries (or based on the request NOT coming from a specific allowlisted country/countries), or you could use Configuration Rules to increase the security level (which is when people are challenged based on IP Reputation). The closest thing I can think of other then that is Enterprise with Advanced Rate Limiting can setup rate limiting rules using country as a custom counting characteristic, which I believe would let specific countries have a certain limit of requests (but it would only be counted per cloudflare colo/location).

Cloudflare has no way of knowing the load of your server.

If you wanted people to have to wait in a queue or something, Cloudflare does have waiting room, but no option to force it just for specific countries.

can you give me example about rate limit country that i have from it 2k visitors daily, i will give you more details i dont know if this necessary.
i see in cloudflare that in last 24 hours the traffic from this specific countiry is 290,903.
i wanted also to give you requests number from this specific country but i dont know how to find this.
do you want more details?
now if you can tell me how to do the rate limiting, just tell me how to start or give an example for rate limiting rule you thing is good for this, and I will learn and change it according to what suits me.
for you knowing, i have bot rate limiting score rule that block score equal to 1 and challenge scores from 3 to 29 (more that 2 and less that 30).

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