How do I know what’s my domain nameserver?

I don’t know how to fix the problem with Error 522. Is it because of my Wi-Fi? I need help. Please. It always says that I should try to visit the website after a few minutes and It’s been a whole week and nothing changed.image I don’t know what to do.

Just remove the dns records on cloudfare and add them again and if possible reboot your server or just unpublish your site and then publish it again.

Due to error 522, kindly check the steps as written on the below article:

Moreover, you have got nameservers from Cloudflare when you have added your Website to your Cloudflare account:

  1. Can you re-check your DNS records at Cloudflare dashboard?
  2. Are they pointing to the correct IP address?
  3. Have you allowed Cloudflare IP addresses to connect to your new host/origin?
  4. Have you got SSL certificates for the needed hostnames of the domains?
  5. Can you check what have you got selected under SSL tab at Cloudflare dashboard? Is it Full SSL or something other?
  6. Is Cloudflare allowed to connect to your host/origin Web server?

Can ensure that Cloudflare IPs are whitelisted at your origin server?

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