How do I know Warp is running

I installed Warp on my Windows 10 machine but…how do I know it’s running?

For instance WhatIsMyIPAddress knows exactly where I am.


At the bottom, it will show you if you’re routed through WARP.

WARP isn’t meant to anonymize you. Just tunnel you as close as possible to your destination to prevent snooping.

But it says “Your internet is private”. That sounds like anonymizing. I mean, maybe it’s not. I was using Nord but they had problems.

I installed it. It says it’s installed but when I run that code at it says Warp is Off.

That’s the “P” part of VPN: Virtual Private Network. It’s a tunnel.

From my Mac, the “warp” line says “plus” since I’m running Warp+. Maybe someone running Windows and/or regular Warp can test this.

I mean, it says it’s running (Warp On). I’m on Windows 10 Home.

BUT how do I know my Internet is running through its VPN?

Are there external tests?



The last line is your Warp status.

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I know. I’ve used trace.

How can I determine the difference between internet traffic with Warp on and off?

I don’t know if this will help much, but you can check if Warp is running on:

or on:

If it shows Cloudflare as your ISP and you get a proper IPv6 address, then Warp is on and running. You can also test the ping on those sites and you should get much smaller latency (perhaps between 1-5ms) compared to when Warp is off.

If you meant something else, let us know.

Type what is my ip on Google. If you see Cloudflare IP means it is running.

If any IP Tester using Cloudflare itself then it will likely show real IP, do not get confuse with it.

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