How do I know the response time of my website

Is there any place I can see my response time of my website. It should be separated into 2 parts :
1 : from client to cloudflare
2 : from cloudflare to my website.

If can not, is there any place I can export access log of cloudflare to my server to get analytics data.
I’m using pro plan.

I don’t even think this is possible on an Enterprise plan. But I have some thoughts:

“Your website” consists of hundreds of resources, each one taking varying amounts of time to get to a browser.

So let’s break it down:

Pick one resource. Like a really big image. Cloudflare will usually cache this. Load it enough times, and you’ll get a pretty good feel how long it takes to get from Cloudflare to the client.

Now create a Page Rule for that image, and set it to Bypass Cache. Now load it a bunch of times, and you’ll get a good feel for how long it takes to get from your website to Cloudflare to the client. That should answer your questions.

Repeat with as many resources from your website and that should get you a pretty good picture of the response time of your website.

If you want to do the same for a web page’s HTML, you’d have to do it backwards. HTML isn’t cached, so you’ll get an end-to-end time. To get a Cloudflare-to-browser time, you’d have to create a Page Rule to “Cache Everything” for that URL.

Ultimately, what’s more important is end user performance. Analytics will help with this, like Cloudflare’s own, or Google Analytics.

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