How do i know my website is working with Cloudflare?


Hi, I just star here yesterday because of my website is uploading really slow.
but I don’t see any change so far? should I do anything else here, maybe I didn’t register properly?
here is my site:


Cloudflare usually doesn’t slow down your page.

What do you mean with “uploading very slow”?
The DNS records seem to be fine for me.

The website loads very fast as well. (mobile, Chrome)

Test your page here:
Select the closest edge to your server location.
The page was fully loaded in about 8 seconds from Amazon EC2 Frankfurt)

This page will guide you:


The 1st easiest way to know is by using a Chrome extension.

Another way is to look at the loading of any resource served from your site. Look at the Response Headers, then look for Server. This works in chrome, safari, ie, firefox…

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