How do i know if transfer of registrar is successful?

Hi- we tried to transfer domain ownership, ie registrar to Cloudflare and is unsured if it’s completed. I started process earlier with name servers amended first with previous provider - and followed by Tag changed on my previous provider too - and just now i went check process on Cloudflare dashboarnd menu domain registration - then there was that same notice about asking us to changing tag with prev provider and options of buttons to click ie Refresh button or button Cancel transfer button i clicked refreshed - then the screen changed - with a screen showing infor such as my domain and options to extend the years etc. - Anyway - has registrar been successfully transferred now to registrar with Cloudflare? pls advice… its confusing😥

Can you share the name of the domain? We can investigate.


Tks for responding on it said " contact info being updated" and tag is showing old provider’s tag at the moment? any clue? perhaps its still going through?

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Hi~ and also just go to Cloudflare dashboard on right hand side it has this info : Domain Registration

However when clicked domain takes me to a new page where it has info like this: You have unverified Contacts.

pl kindly advise… thanks…!

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I know our dash messages for transfers sometimes lag behind the actual transfer status, I suspect that is what is happening here, but it appears the transfer was successful.

If you keep getting the error, can you create a Registrar ticket and share your ticket number here? You can open a Registrar ticket here,

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