How Do I know If the CDN is Working?

Hi. I have a website that hosted in Europe. When I make a speed test using Gtmetrix from Europe, the site is fast. When I make a test from Canada, it became much slower. Shouldn’t Cloudflare CDN make the speed of the website be in the same range in all the world? Also Gtmetrix it self is suggesting using a CDN as if I am not using one.
My website is correctly added to Cloudflare with the orange cloud icon enabled and the nameservers updated.

On the First Request the Site would be slow. Cloudflare fetches the Data from your Origin Server and caches them. The next Request to that File would be served from cache. Each Datacenter has its own cache and Cloudflare will Purge Files not in use out of the Cache

You can look into the Network Tab of your Browser and look for the cf-cache-status header to see if the Request was served from Cache (Hit) or if Cloudflare needed to Fetch it from your Server (Missing or Bypass)

Or you can put a /cdn-cgi/trace behind your Domain. Like
This will show some Debug Information like used Datacenter if the Domain i correctly behind Cloudflare

I can’t see the network tab on Gtmetrix

I dont think GTMetrix lets you see the Headers of the Request. Just use your Browser to see the Request Headers. Or put /cdn-cgi/trace behind your Domain to see if you get the Cloudflare Debug Information.

Both would show if Cloudflare is correctly enabled for your Domain

If I put /cdn-cgi/trace after the domain will I get the debug data in plain text like the example you gave? Because I tried it and I just got a normal 404 error.

What does that mean? Why only 3?

Yes, if you get a Error Cloudflare doesnt seem to proxy your Website

Is your Domain? Because i get mixed DNS Resolution for it. It seems like the DNS Propagation is still ongoing. A Update of the DNS Servers can take some time. This would mean that some of your Visitors are routed through Cloudflare and some are not

Most DNS Servers respond with Cloudflare IPs but some still respond with an IP Address from A2Hosting

So yeah, give it some more time to Propagate

Yes it is my domain. Ok thank you very much for helping. Does the slowness of updating the DNS releated to the domain registerer? I bought it from a local company so maybe that is the reason.

No it Just how DNS works. A normal DNS Update is Quick most of the time but a change of the Nameservers Just takes some time. Up to 48 hours (quicker most of the time).

A change of the IP Address inside of Cloudflare in the future will be most likely instant for proxy records and really fast for Non proxied records when you didnt manuelly changed the TTL

Ok thank you very much.