How do I know if my account is Enterprise Trail?

Cloudflare tells my domain has Enterprise Trail service. From the dashboard, no difference as before.

But how I can verify that?

Does the Overview page show which plan you’re on?

Page Rules should show a bunch of available rules.
Network should let you set Max Upload Size to 500MB.
Speed -> Optimization should let you Prefetch URLs.
Your site may only have 2 IPv4 addresses instead of the 3 the lower plans now have.

Hi sdayman,

  1. The overview page does not show the plan info.
  2. Page Rules shows I can add 125 rules.
  3. I’ve just tried to change the Maximum Upload Size as 500M, it succeeds!
  4. I can also turn on Prefetch URLs.

Therefore, my domain is indeed an Enterprise trail.

Many thanks.

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