How do i know if caching for my site is on or off


Hello guys. when i go to my account to enable caching, that toggle switch confuses me. is it when the toggle says off that the caching is off, or its when i click on the off button that its off?

silly question i know, but its so confiding. there is no where on the site to indicate whether that feature is enabled or not. thanks


Once enabled, Development Mode lasts for three hours and then automatically turns off.

Development mode is not supposed to be permanently on. If you want to disable caching altogether you need to set up a page rule.


Thanks for the so quick reply sir. what i mean is that, i want to enable caching so that if my server is down, once visitors to my site log on to my site, they can still see a offline cached copy. but how do i enable it. i went to the caching page but i dont know if its off or on, (based on the image i uploaded.)
(im new to cloudflare. ) thanks again sir


Thats not caching, thats “Always Online”. Just switch it on and it should work - somewhat :slight_smile:


oh i see. sorry. lol. So presently its off right (based on the image i screen shot)? i need to click on now to enable it right?




thanks sandro. i mega appreciate :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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