How do i know how to choose the right hosting package for cloudflare

I want to change my hosting company from a2hosting who are really bad and go with godaddy. but, i do not know which package i should choose with godaddy. A2hosting sold my a hosting package that i do not need. my website is With having cloudflare, Cloudflare takes a lot of the weight for my website so in theory i should not be buying a big hosting package.

i was looking at webhost maximum which is £40 cheaper that i pay at the moment

how do i know if that is enough memory for my website. is there a tool that i can check

Well, these days Cloudflare is a pretty powerful and versatile cloud provider…

Have you considered Cloudflare Pages, for instance?
It’s very simple and powerful, and you can do A LOT with the free tier, personal experience here. :wink:

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does that mean i could use that instead of using a hosting company

Yes, these days you can use Cloudflare as a hosting company!

One important note is that you can’t run Wordpress on Cloudflare.

If you’re wanting to use Wordpress, and your site is not high-traffic or anything like that, any of those Godaddy plans should be fine, even the cheapest one.

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Right, also note that Cloudflare has a WordPress integration, but you’ll still need an external server.

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