How do I know CLOUDFLARE has given my website a speed boost?

How do I know Cloudflare has given my website a speed boost?

I’m not sure how to share a link to this page, but if you open one of your sites on Cloudflare and go to the Speed / Overview page, it can run a benchmark against your website with and without the Cloudflare cache. It will then show you how long it takes without the Cloudflare cache, and then how much quicker it is when the Cloudflare cache is in use. It also gives you some other interesting metrics.

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I’d ask few of my friends to check and see how does it feel for them to visit your own Website.

Furthermore, you could try testing this and comparing before and after using Cloudflare.

Furthermore, there are helpful topics regarding page load time and speed performance tips & tricks by using search :mag: button at the top navbar of this forums.

From below topic, I’d suggest you to scroll down a bit to a section Performance section and you’ll find a bunch of online tools for testing Website speed:

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