How do I identify the IPs of my CF name servers?

Hi Tjalling here,

Seems like this is the only place where i can post as a new meber so here go’s

where can i find the ip of my cloudflair name servers?

My hosting company wont work with out them

This are the nameservers i got



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Hi Tajalling,

I’ll give you the answer below along with a couple of methods you can use to determine this yourself for other folks who might come along later and have a similar question, but different nameservers or other hosts: [quote]

On a mac you can get these using dig terminal (use mac search for ‘terminal’ to find it) and then type:
dig hostname +short so in this case dig +short returns

On a PC you can use nslookup from a command prompt or powershell. The syntax would be nslookup and then the host name.

Online Mx toolbox is also quite useful for lookups: DNS Lookup Tool - DNS Tools - MxToolbox

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Bit late but thanks for the answare.

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hi ,

can you help me out and tell me what is my dns ip i reaily need it ,

thank you advance

hi @mishay143 I replied to one of your posts about this issue, but here are the ips for your nameservers. - -

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