How do I hide my website IP address?

Hello, I need some help. I’ve took a look on whois hosting by and my website is exposing my website IP address.

I was wondering on how do I get the CDN cloudflare to show up without exposing my website IP address?


Are your nameserver’s set to Cloudflare?

If so, check within the Cloudflare DNS page that your A-record(s) have the orange cloud and not the grey cloud. Grey cloud = conventional DNS record. Orange cloud = record proxied through Cloudflare, and not revealed to the outside world.

The two main ways to hide IP addresses are to use proxy servers or virtual private networks (VPN). (There is also Tor, which is very useful for extreme anonymization, but it is very slow and unnecessary for most people.) The proxy server is an intermediate server through which you can route your traffic. October 15, 2020


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