How do I have Cloudflare activate my SSL?

My website is broken (maybe mixed content but not sure). It only broke after I connected to Cloudflare. I did change the two name servers. My site is I contacted a Bluehost tech person and they said I need to have Cloudflare activate my SSL. How do I do that?

Whoever said the issue is with Cloudflare they are completely wrong. The domain you have indicated works just fine and has a valid SSL certificate, at least for the users as the server side is different.

All requests fail because on the domain, from which basically all resources are being served doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate. This domain isn’t on the Cloudflare network.

You can either disable SSL (or make those requests HTTP only, but it would have basically the same result as disabling it altogether), which is NOT recommended, or enable SSL on that domain. If that isn’t possible move the resources under your domain, which is preferable.

Hi Matteo. Thanks so much for your reply! I’m a newb to this stuff - if you couldn’t tell. It sounds like you’re saying I should enable SSL on the domain. How do I do that?

That is not something for this forum… that seems a domain on BlueHost. Contact them…

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