How do i get wordpress login to upload my template

I have been able to add my website to the cloudfare hosting successfully but how do i get my wordpress login to upload my template and build my website up any one please?

Hello. Welcome to the community! To better assist you with your issue, please access this issues:

  • Are you able to access your website?
  • Are your connections proxied (:orange:)?
  • Do you get any errors?


Cloudflare doesn’t host WordPress. It just proxies an existing site.

You need a functioning site with HTTPS before you add it to Cloudflare.

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No, i have not been able to access my website. i put in my website its showing nothing please what do i need to do?

i bought the domain name at namecheap and i tried hosting it on cloudfare is that possible?

No, you need to buy a server. Cloudflare proxies the connections to your server to make them faster and more secure, but you still need a server. You could use Cloudflare Pages for static websites, but it doesn’t allow Wordpress.

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