How do I get the X.509 file from Cloudflare Access?

I’m configuring a SAML integration with a third-party service that is requiring a X.509 file from my identity provider (Cloudflare Access).

Cloudflare Access does offer a public key, but not a X.509 file.

Would still be possible to use Access in this scenario? How?




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Are you trying to use Cloudflare Access as your IDP? Typically you integrate an IDP into Cloudflare so your users can use SSO with Access.

You may need to modify the format, but that is the x509 file. See

That’s what I did. Google Workspace is connected to Cloudflare, so Google is the actual IdP.

I already have AWS SSO as a Cloudflare Access application, and because of that I actually went for this same article, but unlike AWS SSO the third-party in question didn’t recognize the article’s file format.